Tuesdays With Morrie- Thesis You Would Love to have

“Have you ever really had a teacher? One who saw you as a raw but precious thing, a jewel that, with wisdom, could be polished to a proud shine? If you are lucky enough to find your way to such teachers, you will always find your way back. Sometimes it is only beds.”These lines as the denouement of the book show heart out of Mitch Albom.Based on true story, this is a book with Mitch, as a young man who has just graduated from college.And his professor Morrie-A dancer, Swimmer and Social Psychology teacher, Who later, because of a disease called ALS, started degrading day by day. Mitch being lost in his life and making wrong interpretations about life, of being too busy with his work and looking for never existing happiness out of his work life. Once rediscovered his old professor, who helped him understand insights of life which Mitch was unable to do. And with his help, Mitch discovered the different meaning of existence.

The story shows how Morrie in his last days, taught his only student Mitch, about the meaning of life, taught from experience not books, no grades, oral exams each week on Tuesdays in his house.Every week they used to discuss one of the topics among love, family, ageing, forgiveness, and finally death.

Morrie had to offer all he had gained with experience to others, to Mitch.So he agreed to do the last thesis with Mitch result is this book by “Mitch Albom”, who delivered his professor’s ideas to millions. Each week consists of aphorisms and teachings on a certain topic of life, all together was able to deliver life’s greatest lesson to Mitch. All the changes that came to Morrie’s life with the growing disease. Things once casual was now changed to his inabilities. Joy and happiness in little things, once ignored. From always being independent to a state of unwilling dependence and finally enjoyment in dependency. Morrie told Mitch,”The young are not wise. They have little understanding about life”, was able to deliver insights of life to young Mitch.

We all have that one teacher like Morrie, who taught us some lessons other than the academic subject, to whom we credit our character and accomplishments we have today. Read the book to know life lessons Mitch got.Have you shared your life lessons, you learned from your mentor or teacher.Who is the professor Morrie in your life??