The 4-Hour Workweek: Timothy’s Design of New Rich.

Have you heard people saying, “My life was dead, so I switched to this”. We search for changes that make our lives happening Or you scream “Come On Life happen to me”. In the continuous quest for balancing work and life, We take expert advice, not leaving any bestseller Time management and business books unread, try to design our life according to that but for few weeks or days, we fail to adapt them. Here comes the book with an exquisite Design of Work and Life. A Design that you would follow for your entire life because this was what you always wanted to know. How they do so? And you will definitely say was it is so easy. Amongst the must read list for entrepreneurs “The 4-Hour Workweek” has placed itself in the most lavish and comfortable couch. In the book, Timothy Ferris breaks through existing myths and proposes unique ways to replace them. End of Time Management -Time is not proportional to the money we make, Retirement to mini-retirement , On Fear-Setting, On overcoming boredom, The low -Information Diet, Outsourcing, “The 4-Hour Workweek” have much to offer than you could have wished to ask someone living the way you always dreamt of living.

Timothy separates the New Rich from the Deferrers.According to his design, Who are the NR( New Rich )?

The employee who rearranges his schedule and negotiates a remote work agreement to achieve 90% of the results in the one-tenth of the time, which frees him to practice cross-country skiing and take road trips with his family two weeks per month.

As Kathy Sierra calls “just-in-time” information instead of “just-in-case” information. The concept of The Low Information Diet emphasis on Practice the art of not finishing, if something is not worth it, leave it before your neurons die. More is not better, and stopping something is often 10 times better than finishing it. Develop the habit of not finishing that which is boring or if a boss isn’t demanding it. Now, this goes with this review also, better stop it now if you don’t consider the idea of ‘New Rich’ :P.

NR, stop working way too hard on their weaknesses. It will only land you a mile apart. Focus on better use of your best weapons instead of constant repair to stand aloof. So if you are struggling hard to overcome your flaws, think of embracing it. Are you lazy? And you often love to play Bruno Mars –

Are you lazy? And you often love to play Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song. The most comforting lines for you in the book would be “Less in not lazy”. Being selective- doing less– is the path of the productivity. If replacing yourself wouldn’t make much difference. Do it. Save yourself for the most important tasks and let others hustle for you while you enjoy cross-country skiing. The Idea of outsourcing life and building a system to replace yourself works wonders, read to learn and know how they do it.

If you are an employee still you can be an NR, you can design your life to be your boss. NR is not what only bosses can be. Timothy discusses several tricks and hacks to make it happen for employees. One is – Distinguish the most important things and do it and apologise if you have to for doing it. Sounds disgusting but is Smart. ‘Beg for forgiveness: don’t ask for permission’. How cool. I tried it and it worked. Challenge

Challenge yourself to do what you fear to do. It is something which we always wanted to do. If something resists us we must assist ourselves to make it happen. Have you heard, a person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have? Next time don’t shy away to go uneasy on conversations. There are endless hacks to try and amaze the outcomes. It is fun believe me.

One of my best pick from the book is “The opposite of love is indifference, and the opposite of happiness is- here’s the clincher-boredom. No one like boredom, so why not to make our lives bit lavish and add some adventure to it, if we can. Let’s escape the ordinary. And it doesn’t need any science, It doesn’t have to be our retirement to travel the world, It requires lesser cash than we think. All it needs is Timothy’s Design of New Rich.




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