The Spiritual Primer- A Book Of Truth

Sometimes we are so caught in our circumstances, that we need someone to make us aware that ‘This is Temporary’. Hector Esponda in his book-“The Spiritual Primer”, proved to be that person for me at desired moment of chaos.Making us understand the bigger picture, I wouldn’t consider it as a book with spiritual thoughts but truth.It is important to develop a correct perspective of life to keep from drowning in life’s storms and troubles.One will find self-explanatory examples in the book like-‘A boat floats on water, but water must not be allowed to get into the boat.If it does, the boat will sink.’In such a simple words, the author is proposing us how to deal with life.A 70 pages book that consists all about life and after.

Here I found the best understanding of Soul, Mind and our body.

Consider soul to be the command vehicle which is to be lifted into space.Mind is the powerful rocket on top of which that vehicle sits.Our body is the launching pad and gantries that support the various components of the space shuttle.The mission, the over-arching goal, is to place the command vehicle-soul-in a high ‘orbit’.

Author’s simplicity of words will make you wonder how simply we have to deal with the toughest problems, we witness.Out of a lot of self-help books and handbooks for a living, I believe the best is one which shows us a broader view of existence.More we understand, more we feel the urge to come out of our miseries and develop good changes.No instruction book has ever worked to lead a happy and prosperous life. “The Spiritual Primer” explains the truth of happiness -where to look for it, The boomerang effect-Consequences of our actions, On reincarnation, and a lot more.

The author says the issue of reincarnation must not bother us.But it ‘implies that soul may have to return to this plane of consciousness to account for deeds done in the past’ and loopbacks to Consequences of Actions. Book discusses opinions from “Tao Te Ching”, “The Path of masters”, “Holy Bible” and lot other sayings of mystics to dig out and reach deeper extensions of the truth of life. A correct understanding of Attachment and Detachment from the book-‘Detachment is not renunciation, it means to rise above obsession and the desire to possess or own  a person or thing.’

One of my favourite lines from the book are-‘Yet virtually all our attention is scattered outside, in material sensations, thoughts, images, imagination and emotions. Inner realms remain unknown, terra incognita.’

As I have discovered a long list of my unknown definitions. I believe anyone who reads this book, will definitely get their personal list of definitions, in much simpler words ever.


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