Be Specific,Build Decisions Not Doubts

With the ample opportunities at our disposal.We often get entangled with our thoughts.What we thought yesterday, might end up wrong in the view of what we learnt today.Every day we know something new and have to falsify our existing perspective.And this how we build up confusions and make our lives tougher and end up with zero displacements.

I believe that this era of rapid information, reaching us way faster before we could give a thought or process the existing scenarios. This has to lead us to more doubts and confusions.Now, this perspective of mine might also occupy one of your brain cells but it is worth processing.

We all have somewhere witnessed our current situation and realised how much we have confused ourselves and not enabling our own opinions to take place in our lives.Google being always there to justify our instant thoughts, approaching Quora for every lame question has brought up more confusions and doubts.

An undergrad when confused to choose what to do, try to grab up all possible information.Making choices of which profession is paying more, which gives fame, where I get more perks etc.We spend most of the time knowing things and doing nothing.Whatsoever we do, it doesn’t matter much, but make sure Are we doing something?

We are not aware but we are busy in knowing and welcoming doubts than we actually picking up something, Chosen on preferable factors pick something and start working on it.Chasing all over will never work for us.


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